7 Best Tips to Improve WordPress Security

If you are running a WordPress website, then you will have to focus on improving the security of your WordPress website. WordPress security is extremely important because of various reasons. If you have a business website and you are not securing it properly, then you can end up facing huge problems. WordPress is an open-source platform and you have to use the right tools to secure your website. You often use a number of third-party tools including themes and plugins to increase the functionality of your WordPress website. However, if you are not securing all the loopholes, then hackers can find a way to damage your website.

There are lots of things that you can do to improve the overall security of your WordPress website. To make things better for your website, you need to focus on different options to secure your data and important information. Here are various ways that will help you improve WordPress security with minimum efforts.

Picking strong username & password

When you are creating a WordPress website, you should always focus on picking a strong username and password. Make sure to pick a password which is hard to guess. By default, WordPress generates a strong password. However, you should have a strong username as well and you should avoid using common words for a username including, “admin” and “administrator”. These words are too easy to guess and you should look for a strong username and passwords to secure the front gates of your WordPress website. More importantly, you should consider changing the password of your website after a certain period of time.

Download plugins from an authentic source

There are thousands of free and premium WordPress plugins out there. If you are about to install a new plugin to your WordPress website, then you need to be sure that you are installing a plugin from an authentic source. It is highly recommended to choose an excellent source for installing a plugin. If you are interested in a premium plugin, then you should consider purchasing it instead of using a nulled version of a plugin. Not only, it will create security issues but it can also damage other files of your website and it can corrupt the core files. To avoid such problems, you should always install a plugin from an authentic source.

Keep plugins and themes up to date

If you have just created a WordPress website and installing new themes and plugins, then you need to be sure that all of your plugins are up to date. If your plugins are not up to date, then it can become the cause of security risk. It is always necessary for you to keep your plugins updated to avoid problems later on. It is highly recommended to update your plugins to close all the security loopholes. It is one of the most important factors to consider when improving WordPress security.

Use SSL Certificate

SSL certificate has great importance these days. If you want to secure your WordPress website, then you should go for SSL. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a secure protocol that is developed for sending information securely over the internet. Most search engines recommend using an SSL certificate these days. More importantly, you should know that SSL integration can be cheap and expensive. It all depends on the requirements of the website owner. If you are looking for a secure connection, then you should invest in an SSL certificate so you can improve the overall security of your WordPress website.

Use one excellent WordPress security plugin

WordPress offers tons of great features that you can enjoy for your website. There are various third-party plugins that will provide you excellent features. You should always invest in one of the best WordPress security plugins to avoid all the security problems. If you are using a good WordPress security plugin, then it will become a lot easier for you to manage things in the right way. You can use WordPress security plugins including iThemes Security, Sucuri Security, and All in One WP Security & Firewall. These plugins will keep your WordPress website secure from all threats and will help you secure information available on your WordPress website.

Create regular backups

One of the most important considerations that you need to make is to take regular backup of your website. As a WordPress user, it is highly recommended to use one of the best WordPress backup plugins to secure the data on your website. With the help of the best WordPress backup plugin, you will be able to schedule backups. Most hosting companies can provide you regular backups. However, you should consider having a backup using a good WordPress plugin including BackWPUp, and BackupBuddy. These plugins will help you create regular backups so you can avoid problems later on.

Add user accounts carefully

As a WordPress newbie, people make mistakes when adding user accounts. If you need to add a new user account, then you should always assign a proper role to the user. If you are not being careful in adding new user accounts, then it can create problems for you. It is as important as managing your WordPress admin username and password. Make sure to create user accounts carefully and assign proper roles so you don’t end up facing problems later on.


WordPress security is absolutely necessary if you are running a business website. You should use efficient tools that will allow you to secure your WordPress files. Using SSL and security plugins should be your first priority when creating a business website using WordPress.