Easy Tips to Improve Speed of your WordPress Website

Why is speed important for WordPress Website?

When creating a website, speed is one of the most important features that need to be taken care of. The content is important but what if the visitors open the website and before even having a view of the content choose to go open another site and read content from there. Having the best content quality and all the hard work then goes to waste. Speed might not be that important before now. In recent times when everything is in the digital world, the topic of speed has gained a lot of importance and a lot of attention is being paid by the website creators on the speed of their website. Making it load fast and quick to avoid losing traffic and in return increasing the rating of their website.

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7 Best Tips to Improve WordPress Security

If you are running a WordPress website, then you will have to focus on improving the security of your WordPress website. WordPress security is extremely important because of various reasons. If you have a business website and you are not securing it properly, then you can end up facing huge problems. WordPress is an open-source platform and you have to use the right tools to secure your website. You often use a number of third-party tools including themes and plugins to increase the functionality of your WordPress website. However, if you are not securing all the loopholes, then hackers can find a way to damage your website.

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