9 Ways to Create Website Screenshots

Screenshots can be a very useful tool for the design and editing processes that go along with the creation and maintenance of a website. Because of this, there may be some things that need to be added to or taken away from the screenshot to get the look just right. Although many standard programs don’t have those little extras, there are some great tools for taking care of any and all of your screenshot needs.

Save As Image

This particular program allows you to save any part of the screen you’re looking at directly through Firefox. In general, more people use Firefox for its capabilities in web design and other areas, and this add-on is just one more reason to make the switch from IE.

Pearl Crescent

Pearl Crescent is yet another Firefox plug-in. However, it does allow you a few more options over Save As Image.


This extension of Internet Explorer is compatible with any IE version, as long as it is being run on a Window’s 98 or newer platform. ieSnapshotter allows you to take screenshots of any webpage and turn them into thumbnails or keep them the same size. You can also adjust the colors and look of the page.


SnagIt is one of the best standalone screen capture programs available on the market today. It can be used in conjunction with Firefox or separately, and you can even replace the print screen function with one of its own.

FastStone Capture

This is a great utility tool that allows you to select and capture any area of the screen at a single time or at individual intervals. With the freehand options, you can focus in on anything from text to pictures and even just individual areas.


This is an application specifically designed for the Mac OSX system. It is a lightweight program that allows you to easily take screenshots when you need them.


This is the perfect screen capture program for when you need to get a whole website at once. WebShot allows you to capture individual pages or an entire site. It features an automatic system that lets you bypass the tediousness of taking individual screenshots.

I4X Screencatcher

This tool allows you to adjust how much of the screen you want to actually capture in the screenshot. From smaller areas that you delegate to the entire screen picture to just the page you’re working on, it will do it all.


This is an online tool for taking screenshots of websites. You simply input the URL of the site that you want, and you get a screenshot in return. The downside is that, like most web-based screen capture programs, this is unreliable. Nevertheless, it would do in a pinch (such as when you’re out of town and away from your normal computer).

Author: Thanh Luu

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