12 Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers & Designers

Anyone who owns or maintains multiple sites can use all the help they can get. Designers and programmers that prefer Firefox to other browsers have seen this and now offer a variety of add-ons to make the process of developing and maintaining a website easier. Here are some of the best Firefox add-ons for web developers and designers.

Web Developer

If you want to get the most out of your browser, you need to get this add-on. Web Developer is an easy-to-use system that adds several development tools to your browser’s toolbar and allows you to make changes quickly and easily.

Codetech 0.4.3

This is a must have extension if you need to make changes to your documents on the fly. Codetech allows you to open your documents in a half of the window so that you can continue to browse while making any necessary changes. This particular plug-in is often said to have the feel of Dreamweaver, but just in a Firefox environment.


This add-on takes the JavaScript on a website and lets’s you sit down and customize it until you get it just the way you want. Greasemonkey is an easy-to-use add-on that will even allow you to write different scripts for other areas of your life (i.e. games). Unfortunately, it does take up a fair bit of memory and may need to be adjusted if you don’t have several GB’s installed.

Alexa Sparky

Alexa Sparky goes with you on all of your travels through the Internet and, as a non-intrusive way to gather data that could help your marketing plans, relays Alexa data to you via a small toolbar on your browser. This can allow you to adjust your advertising, product or service expansion and marketing plans ahead of what trends are forming in the online marketplace.


Have you ever wanted the color that you see over and over on the Internet but can’t seem to find it in any program that you have on your computer? Well, with ColorZilla, you don’t have to struggle to find a color anymore. With this tool, you can quickly and easily find any color code from any website for your own use later.


With this tool, you will be able to take screenshots of a website (visible or entirety) quickly and easily. This add-on also offers annotation tools that allow you to noticeably mark an area of a web page.


This add-on allows you to open different pages in Opera while you are using Firefox to browse the Internet.

Window Resizer

One of the most difficult parts of creating a website is making one that works with every computer and every program. Window Resizer allows you to resize windows in other standard resolution sizes to ensure that it works properly across multiple resolutions.

IE Tab

When it comes to making a website that works for everyone, nothing is more important than making sure that your site is viewable in as many browsers as possible. With this tool, you can quickly check for compatibility with IE and never have to leave the comfort of your Firefox window.

Palette Grabber

This tool allows you to get a color scheme for one of a number of photo/image editors. However, unlike other similar tools, the scheme that is generated is based on the website that it’s being used on, and not just created randomly.


If you get tired of having to access your server from a separate window, this is the perfect add-on for you. This is a free, secure and easy to use cross-platform add-on for anyone who needs to use FTP.

Font Finder

When people build a site, they tend to worry about every little detail. If you’ve been trying to get the perfect font but can’t seem to find it, then you need this tool. This add-on will allow you to find any CSS font in an easy to follow format.

Author: Thanh Luu

I'm Thanh Luu, CEO and Founder of Yoarts from 2010. Glad you were interested. To contact me, just drop a post in the support forums.