20 Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser now. Here is some extensions for the new browser that web developers will find useful.

Firebug Lite

Firebug Lite is a smaller version of the ever-popular Firebug tool for Firefox. It’s used to view and change the coding of a particular website quickly and easily, without the need to leave a browser. The ÒLiteÓ version for Chrome is ideal for someone who needs to make quick repairs.

IE Tab

This tool allows you to view your web page through the eyes of an Internet Explorer user (the most popular browser for the average person).

Chrome SEO

Chrome SEO is a great little tool for anyone who uses a search engine to increase traffic to their site. It takes various data sets from different engines and allows you to use them in an attempt to make your site more search friendly.

Resolution Test

Ensuring that your site is viewable and accessible at different resolutions is important. This Chrome tool takes all of the guesswork out, and allows you to view your site in various resolutions.

Speed Tracer

Finding the point that makes you site run slowly is important for everyone involved. If a site owner can’t fix a slow site, they will likely lose customers in today’s fast paced world. Speed Tracer tells you exactly how long it takes for certain aspects to load, giving you an easy way to edit different areas.


This is a tool that is useful for tracking down that special something that you see on someone else’s website but can’t quite figure out what it is. BuiltWith will tell you what widgets or tools were used to create a particular part of any website.

Domain Availability Checker

Tools like this are the perfect accessory to anyone who is building an online business. With this tool, you can check the availability of possible mirror site domain names from your toolbar, instead of running all over the internet.


Pendule allows you to look at the linked and embedded style sheets in the same browser window, but just on a new tab.


This allows you to take screenshots and edit them without having to transfer programs. By being able to do this in your browser, you can get a better feel for what you’re going to end up with, and also decrease the amount of time it takes you.


For anyone who ever wished it was simpler to get through the actual content of a website, this is your tool. Instead of styling everything up with newer and fancier aspects, it quickly and effectively renders everything to its most basic form, allowing you to get through it simply.


Snippy is a great way to take little pieces of individual websites and store them on Google Docs for later use.


This does exactly as the name implies. It blocks all flash from loading until you’re ready to view it.


This tool allows you to validate your HTML documents quickly and easily from the toolbar. By using this tool, you can get through more of your daily workload in a more time effective manner.


MeasureIt! is a simple tool, but one that is very necessary. It takes an area of a web page that you determine and tells you its exact size in pixel height and width.


LastPass manages your passwords, and can even fill out forms for you to be more efficient. This is a more secure management program than writing it on paper or keeping it in a file on your computer.

Chrome Sniffer

This tool will allow you to examine all of the framework and JavaScript libraries that are present on a particular page.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a great little tool that allows you to easily access your schedule so you can make notes or simply look at what you have planned for the day.

JavaScript Console

If you use JS and want to start using Chrome for your development needs, this is the tool for you. It offers a Chrome compatible console so you can do simple prototyping on any page.


Ibrii allows you to snip anything, from basic text to streaming audio and video, and later send it to your friends and/or colleagues. This is a great tool if you’re just getting setup and want to share ideas about different things with all of the parties involved.

Webpage Screenshot

This is an extension for Chrome that will allow you capture an entire page with a single screenshot, no matter the size.

Author: Thanh Luu

I'm Thanh Luu, CEO and Founder of Yoarts from 2010. Glad you were interested. To contact me, just drop a post in the support forums.