Best Free WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Bloggers

One of the best features of WordPress is that it is free to use. The software is easily available for download from its official website and is best for bloggers and individuals with businesses who are looking to make an attractive and easy website to market their product and spread awareness about it. Although to make a website a registered domain name and a server is required which is received by spending a specific amount but the amount that is spent then is less because of the free availability of WordPress.

WordPress helps in the task of content management and also provides space to attach media to these pages. Media of all sorts whether it is a video, pictures or any other material is easily attached and accessed on WordPress.

The need for themes

In today’s time where the content has a lot of importance and is required to be the best and different from all the commonly found content on the internet, the looks of the website also contain equal importance. To attract the audience and receive maximum traffic on the website it is vital to make sure the look is different and seems to give away the idea of the business as well. Lifestyle bloggers also known as influencers are individuals present in the digital world and share their interest and their lives in different yet interesting ways. In this regard, WordPress again provides support and has this huge range of themes that are available by either paying a nominal amount or are even available free on the internet and can be downloaded and easily used. Some of the attractive, free and interesting themes are listed below:

Best Chosen Themes for Lifestyle Bloggers

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GuCherry Blog

GuCherry is a simplistic and minimal designed theme for lifestyle bloggers and fashion in particular. It has a very easy and accessible design providing ease for both; the content creator and the visitor. The slider at the top and the numerous small widgets makes it easy for adding content and all the extra space can be utilized for adding ads and making money out of the blog as well. The best part is that it is SEO optimized so no extra effort needs to be put in to increase the search engine ranking. Other different features also aid in increasing the staying time of the visitors on the website.

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Olsen Light

With white being the focus of this theme and being blogger friendly, this theme is visually stunning and full-width. These kinds of themes are more preferred when the focus is more towards photography and visuals. There are different kinds of layouts that can easily be selected and changed. Customization is a plus point in this theme where logos, widgets, images and fonts are added accordingly. The different sections of this theme provide for a more customized display as well. In addition to all of this, the connection with Google Analytics also helps in the building of a more attractive and user-friendly website by providing the right suggestions.

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This theme is minimalistic but more elegant which can be downloaded and used for free. New, different and beautiful blog posts can be created in this particular theme. The theme is pretty standard consisting of the two-column layout. Different widgets can be added on the sidebar and can be customized according to need. Colors and fonts can also be changed and are search engine optimized along with the quality of loading faster than other websites.

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The interface of the theme Type is quite impressive. This theme can contribute as a base for different businesses and lifestyle bloggers as well because of the attractive layout. This theme has a responsive design approach allowing the website to be mobile friendly and adapt accordingly when opened on a mobile phone. Websites using this theme can be opened on various browsers. This is one of the best themes that can be recommended for lifestyle bloggers.

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The Minimal

As the name suggests, The Minimal has this neat and clean magazine-style layout. The presence of a lot of white space and different styles of typography, very easily puts the spotlight on the content; be it pictures or written content and is one of the top priorities for the bloggers. The large slider in this theme provides immense control over the display options. Pictures or videos that tend to be visually appealing can be placed on the slider, pulling more attention towards it.

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Containing a particularly more feminine touch, Juliet is considered as a top choice for lifestyle bloggers. There is a vintage look that is part of this theme. There are various layouts for the homepage; some highlight the banner and some highlight the posts in another layout. The option of customization is also present in this theme and allows the blogger to make the changes they need for highlighting their content including the written content and the visual content as well.

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The author is a dual-toned theme designed for writers, bloggers, and authors. It contains unlimited color schemes in the dual-tone and different posts format. To provide a complete visual contrast with the left side of the page is of dark color while the section of the main body is of light and bright tones which help in paying attention and moving the gaze directly towards the content that is important and required. This adaptable layout has been designed to improve and enhance the user’s visibility on the website and makes him pay attention to what is important.

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Tracks This theme is one of the most aesthetic themes of all. The color tones of this theme are particularly darker but provide a contemporary vibe for the blog. This contemporary theme style and the darker tones also help in maintaining the visual focus of the audience on the website and allow them to stay there for longer. The track puts more focus on images as the size of the images is way more than that of the text and considering the layout in which they are displayed. Many other options in this make it different from the other themes mentioned above; like choosing where the social media handles icons are going to be and also allows connecting other websites to your web