WordPress Mistakes You Should Avoid

More than 55% of the total websites out there are built using WordPress. If you are new to WordPress, then you will have to understand the basics first. WordPress is no rocket science. However, for every newbie, it is essential to avoid common WordPress mistakes. A lot of WordPress newbies make huge mistakes when they are starting a project. To avoid all such mistakes, you must get to know the basic tips and tricks to manage your WordPress project.

Whether you are installing plugins or selecting a new theme for your WordPress website, you should always avoid common WordPress mistakes. If you are covering the most basic things when using WordPress, then it will become a lot easier for you to create a fully functional and up to date website. Here, we have listed down all those mistakes that you should avoid when creating a website. Let’s have a look at how you can avoid all the common WordPress mistakes.

Installing a lot of Plugins

One of the most common mistakes every WordPress user makes is the installation of unnecessary plugins. If you are installing a lot of unnecessary plugins, then it can cause harm to your website. Not only it will slow down your website’s speed but it will also create security loopholes. More importantly, you should always use plugins that you are installing from an authoritative source. Make sure to avoid using unnecessary plugins that can harm your website. By installing only useful plugins, you will be able to improve the performance of your WordPress website.

Ignoring important updates for themes and plugins

As a WordPress user, you should always keep your WordPress up to date so you can avoid security issues. Most of the hackers find loopholes in the outdated WordPress files. As WordPress is an open-source platform, you must keep it up to date to avoid security risks. When you are installing a plugin or a theme, you need to be sure that you are installing an updated item so you can avoid problems in the future. If you are ignoring the important updates for themes and plugins, then it can generate new errors on your site and will affect the overall performance of your WordPress website.

Customizing a parent them instead of a child theme

Some developers also make huge mistakes when they are using WordPress. If you are not using a child theme and making changes in the parent theme, then it will create problems later on. If you are about to do customization in the theme code files, then you should do it in the child theme. If you are customizing a parent theme, then you will disturb the overall code and it will be extremely difficult for you to revert those changes. As a professional, you should always customize a child theme instead of a parent theme.

Using a nulled or defected theme

If you have decided to use a premium product for WordPress, then you should always consider purchasing it from the right source. By using a nulled or defected theme, you will increase risks. First of all, you won’t be able to get regular updates for the theme and it will create problems in the future. Secondly, most nulled themes came with security loopholes that are easy for hackers to crack. If you are installing a defected theme, then your WordPress website will be in danger. It is one of the most common WordPress mistakes that you should avoid.

Not installing a caching plugin

If you are familiar with the importance of caching plugin, then you will be able to know how it works and why it is necessary. Caching will make your website load faster. It will help you improve user experience and you will be able to improve the speed of your WordPress website. If there is a slight problem with your website, then it will load previously working cached images of your website so the users don’t have to face any issues when visiting your website. Caching has a lot of importance and you should always look for a reliable WordPress cache plugin to set up caching for your WordPress site.

Not making it responsive

It’s the era in which people prefer using smart devices including mobile phones and tablets. Most of your visitors will visit your website using a mobile phone. It is extremely important to have a responsive design for your website. If your website is not mobile-ready, then you will end up facing a lot of issues including increased bounce rate, fewer conversions and low page ranking. Most of the search engines emphasize on a responsive web design these days and your website’s ranking is dependent on it as well.

Ignoring image optimization

The load time of your website has a huge significance. If your website is loading slowly, then it will irritate your visitor and result in an increase in the bounce rate. There are so many WordPress sites out there that take a lot of time to load because of the images posted there. If you are not optimizing the images on your WordPress website, then it will take a lot of time to load. To improve the load time and speed of your website, you should always consider optimizing images on your website. There are a few excellent plugins that you can use to improve image optimization.


To avoid all the common WordPress mistakes, you should consider learning the basics well. If you are well aware of WordPress basics, then it will become a lot easier for you to maintain your WordPress site. Make sure to create a checklist when starting a new project to avoid such mistakes.