FREE Flat WordPress Theme for Personal Blog


After Microsoft introducing Metro design of Windows 8, Flat design – a concept popular many years ago in design – is making a comeback. Without lots of added embellishments, it can be a clean and simple way to communicate a message or promote a product or idea.

Following this trend, I was started a FREE Flat WordPress theme inspired by Free Flat UI by DesignModo. I would like to say that Flat WordPress theme is both beautiful and charming at the same time.

Features list

  • Charmingly Flat and Minimalist design
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Retina Ready
  • Off-Canvas Sidebar on Handheld Devices
  • Custom Background
  • Custom Sidebar Color
  • Editor Style
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.1
  • Font Awesome 4.0.3
  • Write on HTML5 / LESS
  • Compatible up to WordPress 3.8.1
  • Customize: Logo, Favicon, Sidebar Background Color
  • Translation Ready (Language available: English, German)

Coming soon

  • More post format support: Aside, Quote, Link
  • Portfolio layout

It seems I’ve given people a lot to talk about

We get to see flat design at its very best in this theme. The design is simple, intuitive and minimalistic, with aesthetic being dictated by functionality and practicality. We are not entirely sure what the theme’s name is, though. It could either be Flat, or FREE Flat WordPress Theme for Personal Blog, you decide.

— Pixel77 / March 28, 2014

Despite being free of charge, the free responsive WordPress themes we have for you today all have a premium quality to them. All are responsive, so they will adapt to various screen sizes straight out-of-the-box. They have all been built with modern design trends in mind, so plenty of flat designs, large typography and parallax scrolling. All are jam-packed full of useful features and little extras that helps makes each theme that little bit more unique.

As always, the themes will work perfectly well for you as is, but the real fun is using them as a base for further development and customisation.

— Speckyboy / March 10, 2014

Flat is a charmingly flat and minimalist design that is new to the WordPress Theme Repository. It has a customizable blurred background, off-canvas sidebar and uses Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome

 WPMUDEV / March 5, 2014

You can’t say no to free

— Under World Magazine / February 23, 2014

Flat is a Personal WordPress Theme design developed by YoArts. We like to say that Flat is both beautiful and charming at the same time.

— Web Design Razzi / February 1, 2014

Incredible themes for you to be entertained creating or updating an elegant WordPress site. It is composed of awesome and crafted flat and minimal themes … with beautiful typography and every UI element you might need!

— WP Mayor / January 24, 2014

Inspiring Free WordPress Themes To Start Anew in 2014

— Noope / January 17, 2014

Who are using Flat WordPress Theme?

Give me permission to listing your site here? Contact us or Tweet @YoArts


Contribute your code to Github


  • (Sep 23) Pasan Abeywickrama $1.00
  • (Sep 19) Thomas Bosc $1.00
  • (Sep 17) West Fire $1.00
  • (Sep 14) ho ha $1.00
  • (Sep 14) Amilcar Teixeira $5.00
  • (Sep 12) Ralph Rosario Graphic Design $10.00
  • (Sep 10) Gabriel Vargovcik $2.00
  • (Sep 9) Crystal M. Coleman $0.10
  • (Sep 8) Xiana Perez Labrador $5.00
  • (Sep 3) Ruben Felix Ruiz $1.00
  • (Sep 2) Maxime Guillod $0.10
  • (Aug 30) Reinmar Undeutsch $5.00
  • (Aug 29) Chris Zukas $0.50
  • (Aug 29) Antoine Vincent $0.05
  • (Aug 22) CJ’s Web Services $1.00
  • (Aug 22) Eduardo Gomes de Oliveira $0.50
  • (Aug 20) Julius Ambrasas $0.50
  • (Aug 18) Borja Gracia Martín $5.00
  • (Aug 11) Emposha $10.00
  • (Aug 8) Ahmed Shehab $0.01
  • (Aug 7) Manuel Pazeller $1.00
  • (Aug 7) Tisha Hansford $1.00
  • (Aug 7) Dreamcatcher Creative Media $7.00
  • (Jul 30) Marcelo Parra $2.00
  • (Jul 30) Calm The Ham $1.00
  • (Jul 29) Edilberto Mondragón Infante $0.50
  • (Jul 26) Bashbox $0.01
  • (Jul 24) Thor Bjarte Tangeland $10.00
  • (Jul 19) Michael Bauer $1.00
  • (Jul 16) Pavel Petrov $10.00
  • (Jul 11) Kapnin German $0.10
  • (Jul 10) Josh Morris $2.00
  • (Jul 9) PrisonPulse Completed $1.00
  • (Jul 7) Mark Frickel $1.00
  • (Jun 27) Kenneth Lange $1.00
  • (Jun 25) RKA Ventures LLC. $5.00
  • (Jun 25) Gosha Technology Company $5.00
  • (Jun 22) hussain shammri $1.00
  • (Jun 18) Manuela Vogt $5.00
  • (Jun 17) Quovo $0.01
  • (Jun 14) Anthony Schweinzer $7.00
  • (Jun 14) $0.01
  • (May 29) Attica art store $0.50
  • (May 27) Arif Mustafa $8.00
  • (May 23) Kathleen Howse $1.00
  • (May 19) kakhonje zimba $1.00
  • (May 18) Jayson Ilagan $1.00
  • (May 14) Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota $10.00
  • (May 6) Albert Snijders $1.00
  • (May 3) Carmen Juliana Alineri $1.00
  • (Apr 16) Allison Buchan-Terrell $15.00
  • (Apr 7) Kochurov Konstantin $10.00
  • (Apr 6) Michael Zechlin $0.20
  • (Mar 27) Jowa Sun $0.50
  • (Mar 27) Cesar Bautista $5.00

Your money will help us maintain this project. Thank you!


I want to do something special, keep this theme Free and alway will be. To help me accomplish that, if you feel this project helpful to you, please click on the donate button. Or just click to the follow button below to download.

About Thanh Luu

Yo, I’m Thanh Luu, a Vietnamese. I’m having full time job at DesignWall as a Scrum Product Owner. I design, code and do everything around WordPress.

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  • skorpyo

    just wanted to thank you a lot for sharing this awesome freebie, I’ll be using it for my own blog.

    • yoarts

      You are welcome!

  • M.Aswad Mehtab

    fantastic work !! will be using o my personal blog , it looks clean and useful . thanks

    • yoarts

      Thanks for your feedback!

  • skorpyo

    I can’t seem to see it be responsive for some odd reason…

    • yoarts

      Responsive feature will be added to the next version of this theme.

      • skorpyo

        great to hear that…

        • yoarts

          Responsive feature has been available. Please update and enjoy!

      • ridhoyp

        When it will be release? :)

        • yoarts

          About 1 to 2 days, I will complete this job

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  • Rahul Joshi

    Facing an issue with the Featured Image. It reduces to 52×52 icon:

    • yoarts

      Please change it in Media setting

      • Rahul Joshi

        I am not able to see any related settings under Settings>Media. The featured images were absolutely fine with my previous theme. Since I upgraded to Flat, they got reduced to this thumbnail size.

        • Rahul Joshi

          Another thing. If I see the image in the post area in WP Admin, I see the size as 570×300. But the published version is 52×52

          • yoarts

            I’ve installed the “Regenerate Thumbnail” plugin for you. All the thumbnail has been regenerated.

          • Rahul Joshi

            Thanks for that. Would I need that thumbnail plugin to remain there for future posts as well or it won’t be required any more?

          • yoarts

            No, you just need using this plugin one time only.

          • Rahul Joshi

            Ok. Thanks for the help once again.

        • yoarts

          Can you send me an administrator account for further checking. Please using this contact form to send: for security reason.

          • Rahul Joshi

            sent you the details. Thanks for the help

  • Dylan Thomas

    Hey yoarts – having trouble getting the Continue reading feature to show. Any help?

  • Xavier

    Hi Jackie! This is the best wordpress theme I had. The only problem is that I am not comfortable with the default font. Could you explain how to change the font and size? Or you can add an option in the next update. Thanks!

    • yoarts

      Noted, I will add this feature to the next version of this theme. Thanks for your suggestion!

      • LeBaux

        Definitively have the same issue. Especially since “Roboto” font does not include latin chars common to western Europe – ěščřžýáí etc. In terms of languages french, german, polish, czech, slovak… Editing “template.css” is extremely uncofortable since the file was minified, and even after I have uncompressed the file, it is hard to change all the fonts, and colors. I know you are planning onto incorporating most of it into customizer, but better organized template.css might be much more useful :)

        Talking about customization – color of links, hovers and default color of other elemets should be customizable, or at least take the value from “theme color” field.

        • yoarts

          I have added a feature to select other font in Flat version 1.2.11. WordPress Reviewers team has been approved and it will be live about 1 -> 2 days.

          Please don’t edit the theme files. If you need any feature, just request me or commit your change to our Github repo:

          To customize CSS, I suggest you using Jetpack. This plugin have a feature allow you put some CSS codes to your WordPress website:

          • Kája

            Hi. I still have the problem with fonts – as Le Baux mentioned latin chars as ěščřžů etc. does not work. I have great font I would like to upolad somehow to the theme, but I haven’t found any possibility.

  • Technokidpro

    How to stop featured showing on the home page and post page.

    Also how can I change the color theme? I am changing it to red from customize. But its not showing.

    • yoarts

      How to stop featured showing on the home page and post page.
      => Just log in to Dashboard > Post > Edit then remove Feature image on the post

      how can I change the color theme? I am changing it to red from customize. But its not showing.
      => Now this theme just have option to change “background color” only

  • LeBaux

    VERY fast theme. Adding a backbone.js would make it real killer :)

    • yoarts


      • LeBaux

        Well, with backbone you could load just content area and make the theme even faster. Check out Of course this is just a random idea, I do not really expect from you to invest so much time into improving already super fast theme :) BTW. There is a little bug in this theme. GIF for explanation.

        • yoarts

          Ok, i will take a look about backbone JS soon.
          Btw, Thanks you for your testing. But i think this bug is not high priority at this time. Because your website viewers is not usually resize browser when they are browsing.

  • JayElles_BoT

    Its great, but on my author page (linked to author-bio.php I assume) there is no author bio.


    • yoarts

      I’m going to add this feature to the next version of this theme. Thanks for your suggestion!

  • DanTin

    Great theme however when I use with Disqus comments (like you) and choose to change the text to not show “0 Comments” and click save it doesnt update in your theme. Always shows “0 Comments” even though I want it to show “Comment” when nobody has left a comment.

    See attached image for clarity.

    Many thanks, love this theme!

    • yoarts

      Can you send me an administrator account for further checking. Please using this contact form to send: for security reason.

  • Ricky

    How would you be able to adjust the post / page width from the standard as i cannot seem to locate this to change it?

  • Stefan

    Is there any posibility to buy this them, so i can remove “Theme by Yoarts”

    • yoarts

      Contact me via: j4ckielord[at]

  • mikelis

    The theme looks really nice, but I have a problem with submenus. Seems that they are not uspported in this theme? Because in my site the submenu items just list the same as normal menu items and go out of the container. So, is this a problem on my end or the theme really does not support submenu items?
    Thank you in advance.

    • mikelis

      looks like I`ve sorted it out. The problem only occurs when creating a new menu.

      • yoarts

        What is your website? Can i take a look. I’m going to fix this issue!

  • Oleg

    Hi! How can I change color of that dark menu column? I really need it!
    PS the theme is perfect!

    • yoarts

      Thanks for your suggest!
      I’m just added this feature to Flat version 1.2.7
      Official updates will be provided in next 1-2 days.

      • Oleg

        Thank you for speed and quality of response! Looking forward to see the update!
        By the way, if you could allow to choose the background picture of any size that would be really awesome. I mean, if upload a background pattern ex. 20×20 it lags:(
        Keep on staying awesome! Thank you!

        • yoarts

          I highly appreciated your comments!
          I’ve added a new option to customize function to help you choose the background-size of the site. Version 1.2.7 of this theme has been approved, so I will add this feature to Flat version 1.2.8.

          • Oleg

            Wow, it really works! Thank you!!!
            And God bless such designers!

  • WebNashr

    Please include RTL support to your great theme.

    • yoarts

      Can you help me translate this theme to your language. And then I will definitely include RTL support to this theme. Please contribute to our Github repo:

  • Shay King

    Having an issue with the theme. If the user hits a wrong link on the page they are shown an article instead of the error 404 page. Also if searching for an item and there is no post they are shown an article instead of search result not found

  • Hazy

    I love this theme and I am using it for my blog. I was just wondering if there is a way to include *both* site title and logo instead of just one of them?

    • yoarts

      Very good idea!
      But I don’t know why you need display both site title & logo. I wrote this code, please try to apply it on your site.
      If it beautiful, I will decide to apply this feature to the upcoming version of Flat.
      Please change your customizer.php file of your theme (inside /inc folder) like that:

      • Hazy

        Great – it works! I have added my url to my profile if it helps. I wanted to have both as my logo doesn’t include my site title. Is there any way to put a line break between the two? Im useless with html and css to try to fix it.

        • yoarts

          Can you send for me your logo, and site title. I want to take a look before design this feature.

          • Hazy

            My site title is ‘Knit With Cat Hair’ and my logo is attached to this.

          • yoarts

            Ok I will add a little CSS to make your logo look better in the Flat version 1.2.11

  • Takkino

    With the last update, the title in the index is empty!

    • yoarts

      You are meaning Site title or Post title? Can you send for me your website URL or a screenshot for further checking.

  • Vinh Nguyen

    Hi, I’m trying out this beautiful theme. How do I get icons to show next to the links in the sidebar like in the demo? What about getting the automatic dropdown categories list in the sidebar? Thanks.

    • Sergio

      Hi, I have the same problem, I can’t see any way to configurate de font awesome icons with pages, categrories or post. Please, help.

    • yoarts

      To using icon on the menu, please write down the icon class to the menu class. You can find all icon class here:

      See screenshot for example

      • Vinh Nguyen

        Thank you!

      • Swaroop

        Thanks yoarts. I couldn’t find the “CSS Classes” field in my menu options at first..

        For others who’ve faced the same prob. Here’s how to fix that.

        • yoarts

          Turn on this field by click to Screen Options on the top right.

          • Martin Evans

            do these icons only work for top level menu items or for sub items too?

        • Rick Beckman

          Oh my god, thank you! I’ve been tweaking the classes via my site-specific plugin file, using code like this:

      • Maja

        I can´t manage to get the icons together with the drop down menu, just with the single pages.
        What do I have to change?

  • Ryan Paul

    Amazing theme indeed. I stopped looking for one to replace my aged custom theme I built.

    I don’t see any options to customize the CSS. Can this theme be built more along the traditional style with all css in the stylesheet?

    Even css overrides aren’t work :(

  • Oleg

    Hi, again! Thanks a lot for your theme and the quality of support!
    I was just going to discuss with you the theme resolution. As you created, if a size of a window with an open web-site is small, it switches to a mini format (the left column goes up), which is really useful for opening from mobile phones. But this mini format is not cool at laptops, seriouly. If someone opens my website form iMac Air, iPad or any other computers with relatively small screen, they see only the ‘mini-version’. I don’t like it and my readers neither! How can I disable this feature of transforming the web-site? I don’t want the left column to go up! (see screenshots attached).
    I really hope you can help me! Thank you!!!

    • yoarts

      I will add a feature to Disable Responsive on the upcoming version of FLAT.

      • Oleg

        Hi! I’ve just updated the theme to the latest version but I cannot find this feature. Where can I find it? Thank you!

        • yoarts

          Hi Oleg,
          Depend on a lot of requests above. In Flat version 1.3.0, I will load the full site in iPad instead of hiding the sidebar without disabling the responsive. How do you feel?

          • Oleg

            Very good, to ”iPad mini” and to ”iMac Air”, please! iPad Air opens the site by defalt in a small window in a mini-format too.
            To summarize, I think the mini-version should be opened on small tablets and mobile phones with a screen smaller than ”iPad mini”.

      • Oleg

        Updated todat to 1.2.12 – still cannot find this feature. Could you help me, please?

        • yoarts

          I’m still finding a better solution for this issue. I will let you know after i found it.

  • Mike

    Hi. I like your theme :-) But i’ve got an error. If I enable the WP Piwik Tracking Code for wp_footer, Google Chrome don’t load the complete stylesheet of the site on first load. After clicking on a hidden link (If you know where it is…) the site layout works… do you have any ideas?

    • Mike

      stop…it’s not the plugin…it seems the site url with or without www makes the difference… sorry… :-(

      • Mike

        noooooo … now I found it… if I logged in, the first new tab with the site seems corrupt. If I logged out, it works… :-(

        • Mike

          no, it is not… :-( but it’s the same problem with an other theme … sorry …

  • james

    Is it possible to force the mobile view by default with the nav bar at the top instead of the sidebar? How would i do this? (love your work on this site!)

  • Martin Evans

    How do you add the icons to the menu? Looking at comments below you add a code to the CSS Classes section of the menu item – however on my install there is no CSS Classes box – is this some part of a security lockdown or just not something available now?

    PS My site is

  • Swaroop

    Hi! How do I get those tiny images beside each of the Menu items? I looked around a lot and couldn’t find out if you did it via this theme options (I couldn’t find any) or if you installed plugins (wasn’t detected by WP Theme detector either).

    My domain (swaroop dot in) doesn’t show the images that I see here.

  • Brandon

    Hi, How do make it load the full side in iPad instead of hiding the sidebar without disabling the resposiveness?

    • yoarts

      Thanks for your recommend. I will change it in Flat version 1.3.0

  • Swaroop

    Has any one customized the responsive menu to appear visible (or a different menu altogether) when the detection says mobile?

    I wish to change from the current “Drop down” type look for mobiles to a flat (always visible but less number of menu options visible) look.

  • Swaroop

    Also the gear icon on the left doesn’t make any sense for mobile and doesn’t show anything either. I’d rather put up a home icon there.. Has any one explored it further?

    • yoarts

      I will make this icon changeable in Flat version 1.2.14. You can using translate solution to change this icon. See instruction here:

      PS: Version 1.2.14 is currently in development. Please wait until that version is official release in a few days, then update your theme to get the change.

  • wolforg

    Hello and congratulations for this great theme
    I’ve translated it in french, feel free to download this translation here :
    Best regards,

  • csuperbroz

    I can’t see the download link. But i follow your twitter account. What can I do?

    • yoarts

      Please contact me via I will send the latest version of this theme for you.

  • Swaroop

    Another issue I see is duplicate images (1 thumbnail and 1 Actual image) and both of them are visible.

    Each time after a Theme Update, I have to go and comment out the “entry-thumbnail” from the Content.php.

    Is there a better fix for this?


    <a href="” title=”” rel=”bookmark”>


    • yoarts

      Kevin Papst is working on this feature. He is developing an option to show/hide featured image. Can you suggest him something:

      • Swaroop

        Is the Featured image displayed as “thumbnail”. I see it as a bug because a featured image should only be shown once. For me I see

        Post Starts
        Actual image
        Some text
        Post Ends

        • yoarts

          Can you attach a screenshot for further checking

          • Swaroop

            Sure here you go!

          • Swaroop

            @yoarts:disqus Did you take a look?

  • csuperbroz

    Is it possible to put the title/headline of a site higher?
    For me there is too much room between the beginning of a site and the top of the page.

  • Patrick Andersen

    Where can I download the widgets you’re using on the left hand side?

  • Patrick Andersen

    I want to put the headlines of my site higher than usual. Is this possible?

    On which .PHP do I have to work on?
    Which Lines have to be erased?

    • Patrick Andersen

      This is still a problem. Can somebody help me out?

      • yoarts

        Where do you want to display headline?

        • Patrick Andersen

          On the top of a page.
          To put it simple: I want to place the headline above the usual headline.

          In other words: I want to place more text above the fold, so the headline have to be higher.

          • Patrick Andersen

            I want to put the headline like this (upwards):

          • yoarts

            You can add custom CSS code to change this:
            – Step 1: Install Jetpack
            – Step 2: Enable Custom CSS function
            – Step 3: Add those codes to Custom CSS Editor:
            .hentry {
            padding-top: 40px;

  • Laura Dubin

    Is there an unminified version of template.css? I’d like to study the code a bit, and phpdesigner has done a good job for the most part of unminifying it, but there’s still a lot of hiccups. over 10k lines of css!

    • yoarts

      This theme has been writing on LESS, then compare to CSS by a GUI tool. You can learn more about LESS here:

  • Tim Tom

    Amazing theme. Love the colors. Thanks for sharing.

  • Arnaud


    Here’s a little detail: in fr_FR.po “Lire la suite «” should be “Lire la suite »” I tried to change it but I can see it in the frontend. Any idea?



    • yoarts

      I will update language file in the upcoming version of Flat.

  • Jorge Silvestrini

    Jackie – I’m trying to get the same font as you have on this template on the title (Site Title Font Family). I can’t find which one it is. All the options here don’t show as your font. Could you explain how to get that font or which font it is? THANKS!


    First, thanks for the theme! Running into a small issue on mobile where my logo bleeds over the Font Awesome icons. I’m using a logo only, no title or description. This wouldn’t be an issue with a logo on transparency like mine, except the image links to the homepage, so people are clicking the image instead of the Font Awesome icons without even realizing what’s happening!

    I’ve attached a screenshot with an opaque version of my logo so it’s easier to see what’s happening. Is it possible to protect those icons by scaling the logo in a different way? Thanks again!

    • yoarts

      Can you send for me your website URL for further checking

      • SPITE HOUSE – I’ve changed the logo image back to a transparent PNG but the issue is still there. Thanks!

        • yoarts

          You encounter this error because you have deleted tagline

          • yoarts

            Your site is beautiful!
            Can I list your website as one of the beautiful sites using Flat WordPress theme?

          • AlphaGamma Archi

            This can be taken care of by addig this to your style.css file :

            (note : change the 400px depending on the width of your logo)

            @media (max-width:400px) {
            #masthead .hgroup {

  • Teodoro Lopez

    Hi! The front page, doesn’t show the title of my blog. Show the url of this. Some solution? Thank you!

    • yoarts

      Please install the WordPress SEO plugin

      • Teodoro Lopez

        It works! Thank you! Great work!

  • Richard Bergstrom

    Hi there. First I wanted to say I really like the theme. However, I am having an issue.

    While it seems to work well on my computer, my Note 8.0 and my iPad 3, if I access the site on my Droid phone (HTC V One), the font size of the header/title is _huge_, basically three letters per line. Is there any way to change this?

    I do have the WordPress SEO plugin installed… maybe it’s somewhere in there that I change it?

    I’m also curious if there’s a way to modify the slider so that it doesn’t stretch out images horizontally, either by shrinking the slider or leaving a black background around the image. (Lesser priority)

    Richard Bergstrom

  • Carl Ninian

    Hi! Great theme! I am just starting to take use of it.
    How do I change the color of the text? I can’t find the right files or sites.

  • polifreak

    When will you update the template to work on 3.8.2?

    • yoarts

      This theme is working fine with WordPress 3.8.2

      • polifreak

        There is an error when you click on a post….does not open when click on post title

        • yoarts

          This theme has been updated few minutes ago and this issue has been fixed! Please check in your dashboard.
          Btw, do you want to submit your website to our website list are using Flat WordPress theme? Just let me know your website URL!

          • polifreak

            Thanks for the rapid reply. I have the theme installed on two sites. On one of the sites, the featured images our not showing up on the homepage. Any idea as to why?

          • yoarts

            Enable featured image in Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Archive Pages

  • Jay Rushing

    Hi there… For my thumbnails to be properly sized (and to use the regen thumbnails plugin) I have to edit the code of the theme’s content.php from to and then it works just fine. Otherwise it is using the full size image displayed at the smaller size.

    Every time there is an update I have to manually redo this. Do you know of a way I can avoid having to do this?

    • yoarts

      Please using Child theme to do that customization. You can find the instruction here:

      • Jay Rushing

        That solution would be simple and contained there if it were CSS or functions.php, but since replicating content.php in a child theme would override content.php from the parent theme, every update would require manual re-checking of the code and more work than just adding back in the ‘thumbnail’ argument.

        The solution I’ve found is through a child theme, but only adding a functions.php file that has set_post_thumbnail_size( 600, 350 ); in it to define the default post-thumbnail size since Flat uses the undefined default image.

        • yoarts

          You can change the large image size in Dashboard > Settings > Media

  • nachomastr

    Hi, amazing theme thanks! I just got one quick question, the responsive layout while looking at it on my phone looks expanded. It doesn’t fit correctly. Could it be of the image sizes of the post? Your site looks great on my phone.

  • Sven

    Hey guys,
    I can’t find a documentation about the shortcodes for realizing buttons, frames etc. Where is it located?

    • yoarts

      This theme using Bootstrap Framework, so you can find the documentation about it here:

  • Patrick Andersen

    How can I change the Link-Color?

    • yoarts

      You can do with the custom CSS

  • Jave

    i’m sorry, i can’t find where to costumize de color of the menu
    i don’t have any option do do that

    • yoarts

      Currently you only can change the background color of the sidebar by go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Colors

  • Tim Tom

    Wow. It can compete with premium themes easily.
    Just compare this one with thoose
    I would try your theme. Thanks for sharing.

  • Alexander Yeh

    Hey, followed you but the “download link is still locked” :<

    • Alexander Yeh

      Works now, weird ^^; thanks

      • adolfo

        follow follow ….. beggars. we don´t use twitter and jewbook

  • biggir

    hi !

    could it be possible to put images to a auto style : style=”max-width: 100%;height: auto”

    Why not in “options” ?

    thx for your template !

    • Ryan Paul

      //remove inline width and height added to images
      add_filter( ‘post_thumbnail_html’, ‘remove_thumbnail_dimensions’, 10 );
      add_filter( ‘image_send_to_editor’, ‘remove_thumbnail_dimensions’, 10 );
      // Removes attached image sizes as well
      add_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘remove_thumbnail_dimensions’, 10 );
      function remove_thumbnail_dimensions( $html ) {
      $html = preg_replace( ‘/(width|height)=”d*”s/’, ” style=”width:100%; height:100%;””, $html );
      return $html;

      • Danish Oberai

        does it works in our case ? please share the link…..thanks

    • yoarts

      This CSS code using to keep images alway display inside the main content.

  • Nick Curfs

    I’d like to change the color of the menulinks, but I can’t find it anywhere :c Any help?

    • Vince

      I have the same question!

    • yoarts

      You can write custom CSS use this selector:
      #site-navigation li a { color: #000; }

      • Nick Curfs

        To which file am I supposed to add this line? Is it in flat/assets/css somewhere?

        • Roarkshop

          Did you ever figure this out? I had the same question.

  • František Čaník

    Problem with IE8 – 1.2.12 . on standard is site rendered as mobile version :/

    • AlphaGamma Archi

      In fact, this theme is “responsive” and acts depending on the window width, not platform. Though, if you are talking about the fact that drop-down menus no longer work “on-hover” but “on-click”, then you could be right.

    • yoarts

      Sorry we don’t have any plan to support IE8

  • AlphaGamma Archi

    Hey there !

    GREAT theme !
    The adaptability to screen-sizes is just genius !

    If it interests anyone, I did a tiny modification, which makes the theme MUCH easyer to use on mobile :
    Instead of HAVING to tap on the arrow for drop-down menus, the whole zone can toggle !
    And the link still works, since it’s “above”.

    Original “functions.js” – lines 14-16 :
    $(‘#site-navigation .menu-item-has-children .fa, #site-navigation .page_item_has_children .fa’)
    .click(function() {
    Modified “functions.js” – lines 14-16 :
    $(‘#site-navigation .menu-item-has-children, #site-navigation .page_item_has_children’)
    .click(function() {

    Demo :

    • AlphaGamma Archi

      A few things that MIGHT interest you :

      Thinner menus on mobile (great for small screens) :

      @media (max-width:991px) { {
      .row-offcanvas-left .sidebar-offcanvas {
      #secondary .widget {
      @media (max-width:767px) { {
      .row-offcanvas-left .sidebar-offcanvas {
      #secondary .widget {

      And to fix the fact that if you hide the menu on a small window and then make it larger, it is no longer accessible :

      @media (min-width:1199px) {
      #site-navigation {
      display:block !important;

    • yoarts

      Thank for your contribute. But your site can’t access now. Can you take a look?

      • AlphaGamma Archi

        Hey ! Sorry about that, I changed the domain name and forgot to update the link here :

        • Lennard

          Hi AlphaGamma,
          May you can explain me how you make your sidebar transparent?

          • AlphaGamma Archi

            Here’s the css I’m currently using on :
            [Note : “rgba(40,43,51,.8)” is the color you want to ajust for the menus.]
            [Note2 : In the linear-gradient, you can change the two “rgba(255,255,255,.6)” to “#fff” if you don’t want transparent white for small pages like ]

            /*Transparent Menus*/
            #page {
            background:linear-gradient(to right, transparent 0%,rgba(255,255,255,0) 25%,rgba(255,255,255,.6) 25%,rgba(255,255,255,.6) 100%);
            #secondary {
            background-color:rgba(40,43,51,.8) !important;
            .sidebar-offcanvas {
            background:none !important;
            @media (max-width:1199px) {
            #page {
            #page > .container {
            background:none !important;
            transition:.5s ease-out;
            .row-offcanvas-left .sidebar-offcanvas {
            background-color:rgba(40,43,51,.8) !important;
            .site-info {
            border-bottom:1px solid #EEE;

            /*White Background Fix*/
            #primary .content-area,
            #content .site-content {
            background-color:#fff !important;

          • Lennard

            Okay thanks it works perfect :)

  • Stijn

    I love this theme. Finally a WordPress theme that does everything I want! It’s simply beautiful, elegant, and functional. I love the menu icons.

    • yoarts

      Thank :)

  • Pierre VERNAECKT

    Hi! Amazing theme, i’m using it on Thanks a lot for keeping it free!
    Is there a way to show post excerpts instead of full article without editing php files?

    • yoarts

      In the latest version of this theme, we had an option to do that. You can go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Archive Pages, then check to “Show Post Excerpt”

  • Gedalyah Reback

    I love the theme and layout, but I’m having a problem with the posts’ display. When I write a post, it will display on the front page of the blog but not on its own page. When I click to see the post’s exclusive page, I only see a title, but the text is blank. Are you aware of what might be wrong?

  • FineGraphiX

    What a great theme, thanks a lot!

    I’m just testing it and first thing I noticed was that it switches to responsive mode on a screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768 immediately. How to change this behaviour? The responsive mode below a 1024 resolution on a desktop computer is fine, but this resolution should appear in “normal” mode.

    Please help me…

  • Jay Rushing

    I don’t know how to “properly” propose a change via Github, but was wondering if you would consider changing all the Google Font API calls as follows:

    Proposed change:

    This way Google Webfonts still works without error or warning messages when using SSL and still without (https:// and http://)

  • dadabobol

    Nice theme

    I’ve put a search box in the widget and it displays fine bit…after the navigation pages. I would lik it to appears before. How can I do it ? Thanks a lot

    • yoarts

      You can disable main navigation, then put a Custom menu widget after Search widget

  • Ilango

    Awesome theme! Love it on my new blog.

    I’ve found a weird bug. I’ve installed a plugin called Simple Social Icons for social media. The widget is not displaying in Firefox. Any other users encountered this?

    • Ilango

      Never mind. AdBlock was creating the problem. Solved.

  • Peter

    Is there a way to put the whole sidebar on top of the page? Basically rotate it 90 degrees to be above the content? Super good theme btw. Thanks.

    • yoarts

      Sorry, no option to do that right now.

      • Peter

        thx. no problem. I have solved it through CSS in my child theme since than. If anyone needs such modification, I can provide my child CSS file to them. Great theme, well done ;)

        • Danish Oberai

          please let me know how to do it and do share the link

          • Peter

            Hi Danish,
            I will post it for you sometime tonight ;)

          • Peter


            So here is how to make the sidebar horizontal. This will prevent you from using your sidebar for widgets and stuff though…. So here is CSS I am using:

            .toggle-sidebar {
            display: none;

            #page:before {
            content: none;

            #page {
            max-width: 970px;

            .sidebar-offcanvas {
            display: none;

            @media (min-width: 1200px) {
            /* min width 1200px CSS comes here */

            #site-navigation li {
            display: inline-block;
            border-bottom: none;

            .col-lg-3, .col-lg-9 {
            width: 100%;

            .col-lg-1, .col-lg-2, .col-lg-3, .col-lg-4, .col-lg-5, .col-lg-6, .col-lg-7, .col-lg-8, .col-lg-9, .col-lg-10, .col-lg-11, .col-lg-12 {
            float: none;

            .container {
            width: 970px;
            margin-left: auto;
            margin-right: auto;

            .nav-menu ul {
            text-align: center;

            Not sure u need all the components here, but I had little time to clear out everything that you dont need, but this works, and if not all, most of it you need. The site is not ready yet, I will post the address when ready.

            Hope it helped and works for you. Let me know ;)

  • dadabobol

    Nice theme

    I’ve put a search box in the widget and it displays fine bit…after the navigation pages. I would lik it to appears before. How can I do it ? Thanks a lot

  • Andrew Raynes


    Excellent theme.
    Can I ask what plugin was used for the tweet to download the theme, the large ‘Live Demo’ and ‘Donate’ buttons and the share buttons at the bottom of the post.


    • yoarts

      You can use this plugin: to make a Tweet to download box.

      And the large “Live Demo” and “Donate” buttons. You can use this HTML code:

      Live demo

      Change hosted_button_id by your own hosted Paypal donate link.


  • ja jajo

    link is still locked, but im following you…

    • yoarts

      Small trick: You can unfollow then follow us again to download :)

  • Vahid

    Hi yoarts. I want to change the white background of posts and font color also. please help me with that.

  • Vahid

    Hi yoarts. I wanted to change the white posts background and font color of posts also. would you mind helping me with that?

    • yoarts

      You can go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize then select font at Typography section.

  • pierrepineau5

    Hello ! I’m french user of this beautiful theme. How can I change the link color with CSS please ? Thank you very much (and sorry if the anwser has been ever given…)

  • Vahid

    Hi again. is there any way put categories in tree way to each post?

  • Christopher Henry

    Great theme! Is there a way to disable the sidebar for a specific page? I want to put up a static page for the homepage but don’t want the sidebar to show.

  • Tim Tom

    Thanks for sharing this amazing blogging template.

  • Vahid

    Hi YoArts. would you mind adding an up button to theme? thank you.

  • DangerD

    Hi- how can I edit the widths at which point the theme collapses from wide mode into tablet and mobile? i would like to be able to keep the widest style layout for a narrower screen. Usually I can find this in the CSS file under width conditions, but I can’t seem to locate it. Thanks!

  • Gillian

    can’t seem to get this theme to be responsive. Any ideas why?

  • Danish Oberai

    Hey can i accidently erased my footer content . Is there any way to restore it or please somebody provide me the footer content. Thanks

  • Shannon

    Is there a way to make featured images or certain photos to come out like this? at least on my home page?

    Beautiful theme by the way! love it

  • Shannon

    is there a way to make the images look like this? outside the content width?

    • Danish Oberai

      do let me know if that could happen :P

  • Peter

    Hey there!

    Great theme. Could you add input[type=file] to your css to have the same formatting as all the other input fields in the next release pls? thx

  • Jay Rushing

    I’d like to request to change the custom logo to a relative path so that when the page is viewed on https:// the logo will also be served via SSL instead of generating content warnings.

  • NextDesignWeb

    This is my favorite Flat wordpress theme and i have featured this theme in my wordpress theme collection. take a look at
    Next Design web

  • rorompokwb

    Your theme is very responsive. but I re-edit again because the canvas is too fast when the screen is minimized 1200px.
    try to see samples of my blog….

  • Danish Oberai

    how to change the background color of content page.. which is white by default.

  • jangteve

    Hi, I’m using this theme at ‘’. This is amazing theme. I never seen this beautiful theme.
    Thank you for this theme. I think this is number one theme of all wordpress themes including paid themes.

  • Mohar

    I’m sorry sir.. I use your v.1.3.8 flat themes.
    But the submenu is not working.. the fa-caret-right arrow is shown, but the hover to show the submenu is not working.

  • Arch

    Hi there,

    I’ve tried to do this myself but I can’t quite figure out how to put an image in the top ‘content’ area to the right of the sidebar page title. I’ve inserted a pic below.

    I got rid of the header that says the name of the page by inserting in the css
    .page-id-2 .entry-title

    …but it’s the inserting of an image there that I could use some help with.


  • Thanks Anyway

    I don’t have Twitter…

    • yoarts

      You can donate to download :)

  • Daan

    Wonderful theme! However, on mobile, the content uses the background color that is used for the sidebar in the full version ( Any suggestions how I might change this, so it uses a white background? Thanks!

  • catholic composing

    Hey – awesome theme!

    Is there a way to get the ‘Continue reading’ at the bottom of each post on the home page (as in YoArts webpage)? Many thanks! :)

  • Thorbj

    Hi, thanks for a great free theme! I have tried setting it up using the Wp-Supersized plugin for fetching background-photos from Flickr. This works great in a normal web-browser. But when I browse from my cellphone, or any other mobile devise it still works :p Problem here is that I would like to disable the WP-supersized plugin when browsing from a mobile device. Is there any way to do this in your theme?

  • Thorbj

    Hi, thanks for a great free theme!
    I have tried setting it up using the Wp-Supersized plugin for fetching background-photos from Flickr
    This works great in a normal web-browser. But when I browse from my cellphone, or any other mobile devise it still works :p Problem here is that I would like to disable the WP-supersized plugin when browsing from a mobile device.
    Is there any way to do this in your theme?

  • Jim van Hazendonk

    Hi there,

    Thanks for creating this theme. I have a question though. I’m trying to use excerpts on my site but it only shows the full post although I have an excerpt filled in the admin section of that post. Is there anything I have to add except the info found in the wordpress codex about excerpts?
    I am planning to write long posts with a lot of images. haveing my frontpage filled with the full post is not very neat.

    any ideas?

    my website:

    • Jim van Hazendonk

      my bad… was being noob and all.
      solved :)

      • Jess van Netten

        Jim, how did you do it?

        • Jim van Hazendonk

          Jess, There is a button where you edit your post in the toolbar. the button is called: “insert read more tag”
          That will insert a line where you divide your post into 2 parts.
          The first part is shown in the timeline of your site with a read more button, the rest is visible when the button is clicked.

          Check my site for example:

  • urbanbohemian

    I am loving this theme, but I’m running into the strangest issue. After applying the theme, none of my images with the css attributes “center” or “aligncenter” are centered. I’ve added an aligncenter class to my custom CSS and it still isn’t working. Left- and right-aligned images are just fine.

    Any idea what I need to modify? Thanks!

  • Tobias Kerst

    Great Theme. I just disliked the way it shows when you try to print a post, so I added a few lines to style.css. When someone will print you webpage – either as a pdf, or on paper, it will look really appealing.

    You can check it out on my website.

    @media print{

    .entry-header a:after {
    content: “” !important;

    .nav-links, .comments-link, .sep, #secondary, .tags-links, #disqus_thread {
    display: none !important;

    #secondary {
    background: #fff;

    #page:before, .sidebar-offcanvas, #secondary {
    background: #fff !important;

    .entry-title {
    font-size: 28px !important;

    .alignleft {
    clear: both;

    a, p, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, body {
    font-family: Georgia, serif;

    body {
    font-size: 15px;

    .hentry .entry-content, .hentry .entry-summary {
    padding-top: 50px;

    blockquote {
    border: none;


    • rps

      Hi, Tobias, I checked your website and appears nice on android default browser. I was wondering if you could help me with my problem. The original free flat theme doesn’t appear as it should on the android default browser (Galaxy S III). Did you have to go through this problem? Only the background seems too load. Do you have a solution for this? Thanks in advance!

  • Anca Dobrea

    Hi there,
    Great theme BUT how do I add a contact form to one of my page?could anybody help me out a little, please? thanks

  • RJ Roberts

    Very nice theme but all my images won’t center. Any help? Please!

    • Stacy L.

      I’m having the same problem.

    • Stacy L.

      I was able to get them to center by re-uploading them. Kind of a pain, but gets the job done.

      • ride5000

        very nice. thanks stacy.

  • Zach Power

    Hello! I really appreciate you offering this theme for free. I am wondering though… there is no Style.css content really and I’m wondering, how do I edit the CSS? I’d like to change the colors of links, etc… Thanks!

  • Stacy L.

    Anyone know how to submit a bug, or how often anyone responds to this thread? Like a few others, I can’t get images to center in my posts. They’re all left-aligned, no matter what setting I choose in the image editor in WP. Thanks.

    • Stacy L.

      Scratch that. I was able to get the images centered by re-uploading them to WordPress.

  • gutielua

    Hi there,

    I have an issue with the way the post/page are showed on title bar, for example on my case showed: El Diario Vivir…. instead gutielua – El Diario vivir… I mean the “-” or “|” is missing.

    Also for each post happens this: Saludo Vulcano en instead Saludo Vulcano en CINE – I hope to be clear on this.

    This happens to me only when I use this theme, by the way it’s GREAT!

    I will appreciate any help!


  • Andres Gutierrez Luna

    Hi there,

    I have an issue wth theme whit the way where the text on title bar is showed, let me explain.

    For example on my site on title bar the text appear like gutielua El diario vivir entre perder Kg de masa y ganar Kb de información instead gutielua ~ El diario vivir entre perder Kg de masa y ganar Kb de información; seems the ~ is missing.

    For each post > Saludo Vulcano en CINEgutielua instead Saludo Vulcano en CINE ~ gutielua

    For each page > contactogutielua instead contacto ~ gutielua

    Only starts happens this to me when I start to use this theme, by the way this ROCKS!

    I hope you can help me!


    • Andres Gutierrez Luna

      Well, I foud the solution by my self. I udpated the header.php line:




      Thanks anyway!

  • rps

    Hi there, it appears that the theme does not work on the default browser of Galaxy S III. It only shows the background image. Did anyone else have the same problem. Please help! Everything appears great on other browsers including chrome. Thanks in advance!

  • rps

    Hi there, your website ( doesn’t load properly at all in android default browser (Galaxy S III). I used your free flat wordpress theme. It gives the same problem too. Given that Galaxy S series it probably the best selling smartphone after IPhone in the US I am worried. Please help!

    The theme works great in other browsers and I love your theme a lot by the way! Thank you in advance!

  • sravani

    Thanks for the collection of free wordpress themes.
    I found many are not free in this collection.

    Another free responsive WordPress theme:

  • Silent

    hi, thank u very much for the theme, i very like it.
    i want to set date of article like this ‘2014/8/12 10:12′.could u help me?

    • Andres Gutierrez Luna

      You must go to settings > general settings > date format and select one option.


  • motwera

    I seem to be having an issue inserting a PHP code inside a printf function, can anyone help me with that? (Category description in archives.php)

  • RoDandresDX

    Is there an option to yous show a featured image on the homepage instead of the whole post?

    • Andres Gutierrez Luna

      When you create a new post, you must select the format of this on right side (standard, image, gallery, etc…)


      • RoDandresDX

        Thanks Andres, yes i know that, but there some themes that just shows a featured image, like those magazine style, was hoping to see that feature on this theme

        • Andres Gutierrez Luna

          Oh, sorry for my confusion… Did you try looking to implement one plugin?

    • yoarts

      Did you try to setting in the Appearance > Customize?
      “Homepage” is the one of “Archive Pages”

      • RoDandresDX

        i think this them doesn’t have the option to just show a featured image on the latest post page, as you can see here in my website it shows the latest post with a featured image, title and a excerpt

  • krbmedia

    How do I change the color of the widget titles? I tried custom css but it’s not working.

    • yoarts

      Please using this selector to modify the widget titles: #secondary .widget-title { … }

  • Andres Gutierrez Luna

    Hi there,

    What happens with last update (1.4.2)? Destroy the beatitul font style (roboto) and twitter widget doesn’t display correctly.

    Any suggestion?


    • FrancoisTJP

      Same problem here … and … i prefered the green style for links … is there anyway to get it back ?

      Thank you very much for the time you spent on this theme !

      • Andres Gutierrez Luna

        Hi Francois, on my case I switch another theme and them I delete the *flat* and install a zip file of this theme (1.3.8) directly from my hard disk and that’s it. Everthing backs to normal.


    • yoarts

      Please go to Appearance > Customize then save the settings after update.

      • Andres Gutierrez Luna

        I realli do that, but doesn’t works… Also the Twitter widget don’t display correctly.

  • Faiz Edzahar

    Hey. It look like you have some issue with 1.4.2 version. The video embed have a problem. Here the shot.

    • Andres Gutierrez Luna

      The same problem with Twitter widget!

    • granad

      Yes, same problem here. What can I do?

    • Lisa

      My videos are doing this, too. They displayed fine in the previous version.

    • jroller

      I am have exactly the same problem. Have spent a couple of hours trying to figure out if I had done something wrong as I am in the midst of really revising my site. Glad at least to know it wasn’t me. Hope a fix comes along soon!

    • yoarts

      Hi there, sorry for the trouble that you encounter. This issue will be fix by this commit:
      I’m going to add those codes to Flat 1.4.3.

  • Lisa

    Hi. Great theme. The most recent update is not displaying videos properly. They were fine previously, but now, they’re displaying at the proper width, but a very compressed height. Checked in both Chrome and Internet Exploder. Examples here: and

  • Geralt

    Hello, Love your flat theme but is there a way to remove the settings button on mobile completely as I have no widgets and it’s pointless. Thanks

    • yoarts

      You can do with this custom CSS:
      #secondary .toggle-sidebar { display:none !important }
      Write as a child theme or install “Jetpack” plugin, then you will have a place to add those CSS codes.

  • Cédric

    Thanks for the theme :)

  • dacheezypuffs

    Any chance of some google adsense integration? :)

  • Franck

    I’ve a weblog and I’m disappointed by the update… How to re-upload the last version of your beautiful theme ?

  • Roarkshop

    This may be a dumb question, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get a horizontal rule? I love this theme so far, but I can’t find how to make the horizontal rule show up. I’ve tried different widgets or whatever and the default is still that the line is invisible. Anyone know how I fix this in this theme and where specifically in the CSS I should be looking to alter it? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Vipa


    Not sure if you are following the support forum on, so I am posting it here too:


    Hey there,

    love your theme!

    But I got a problem with the standard image gallery of WP. As far as I
    understand, WP automatically resizes thumbs to full content-width. So if
    you set columns to 3 for a gallery you get much bigger thumbs, than if
    you set columns to 6. In this theme one row of images should have a
    width of 720px. Unfortunately they only resize to a width somewhere
    under 600.

    I couldn’t figure out why. As far as I could see $content-width is set to 720px.

    hopy you can help.


  • Andres Gutierrez Luna

    Ji Jackie, just a small suggestion;It is necessary to highlight the entire statement? Because not only highlight ‘WordPress’ on footer?

  • Andres Gutierrez Luna

    Hi Jackie, another issue with last version (1.4.3). The plugin ´related posts´ and share buttons appears on about section at the end of each post. For now I back to (1.3.8) version.

    Did you have any idea whats wrong?


    • Antoine

      I have the same problem.. :/

      • Andres Gutierrez Luna

        Seems that we still witour any answer.


        • Andres Gutierrez Luna

          Here is the screenshot about this issue. Tnx!

  • Antoine

    How I can have the “About [name]…” section ?


  • Maël

    Hi ! Your theme looks nice ! I would just have a question : will this be compatible with WP 4.0 version, or not ? :)
    Many thanks for replying !

    • Andres Gutierrez Luna

      Hi there, I update to WP 4.0 and seems everthins works good.


  • Mark David Johnson

    I’m loving this theme — using it for my blog. However, I’m wishing there were more supports for post formats. I like the theme’s design, but really wish there were more options. (I’d especially like to see Link and Quote formats working on Flat!). Thanks for the great work — but let’s keep the updates coming!

  • MelbourneMaker

    Hi, Love the Flat Theme, but is there anyway to change the colour of the page numbers at the bottom of the theme pages?

    Thanks, in advance..

  • Stepan Leonov

    Hi! I can’t unlock link for download. HELP ME!!!

    • Andres Gutierrez Luna

      Just need follor to @yoarts:disqus on Twitter and that´s it!

  • Andres Gutierrez Luna

    Hi Thanh, another issue on you theme… any feedback? Tnx!

  • Lukas

    How/where can I see what’s new in verdsion 1.4.3. I have now 1.3.7 but want to know what changes before I upgrade.

  • Faiz Edzahar


    I really happy if you update this theme with Full Width Single Page & Post.

  • Lee Brooks Shull

    I LOVE this theme. I would like to add a few more font options for the site header. How could I accomplish this? I will be happy to leave a donation for the assistance.

  • Guest

    May I suggest starting a support forum for your themes? That would be much easier to search/navigate than one giant comment thread. The theme is fabulous! I would like to add some more font options for the site title. How can I achieve this?

  • Robert Mugalo

    Hi how can i change the tagline color for the theme?

  • Andres Gutierrez Luna

    Another issue with theme 1.3.8 (also some bugs on 1.4.3) the slideshow doesn’t works.

  • Jota

    Wordfence found the following new issues.

    Alert generated at Thursday 2nd of October 2014 at 11:46:04 PM

    Critical Problems:

    * The Theme “Flat” needs an upgrade.

    Security problems??


    • Andres Gutierrez Luna

      I hope Thanh answer soon some replys, FLAT it’s a great theme but still requiering new improvements.


  • Matty Stieger


    Thanks for this great Theme! I would like to change the menu function that if you click on on a item, the sub-menu expands and not while hovering. How can I change this?

  • agentpau


    I’ve recently installed this theme for my WordPress blog and I’m loving it. However, I have noticed that comments are disabled on sub-pages. I am not sure, though, if it applies to all sub-pages or only to pages which are password-protected (I only have password-protected sub-pages in my blog). Comments are very important in that section of my blog because we discuss confidential matters there. Could you please help me enable the comments portion in my sub-pages? Thanks in advance.

  • Rick Beckman

    Just wanted to say congrats on how well Flat does on Theme Check; version 1.4.3 scores a 99%!

    I do hope it’s still being developed; I notice there hasn’t been many updates on Github lately, and the download link on the page above is an older version than what’s available on (Oh, and the link above to “Contribute your code to Github” is broken.)

    • Dr. Geoffrey T. Wang Ph.D

      I would love to move my bowels all over your nerd glasses.

  • mon

    Hi There.. Thanks for the theme man. it’s very useful. Anyway I need to have some modification, I would like to move the left sidebar to right.. is there a better and cleaner way? Hoping to hear to you. Thanks so much.

  • Cuanq Gigabyte

    i’ve donate for your works. how to download it..?

  • Arena

    Hi! I am loving this theme. I want to use SVG images in my pages. Any suggestions on the best way to do that. I’ve been able to place them using the SVG Support plugin ( and some modifications to the image tag.. .but then they are no longer responsive.

  • mizhar

    i had donate for 2USD, please send sownload link… thankyou :)

  • Gaurav Sharma

    Great theme man….
    How can i edit stylesheet ??
    im new to wordpress

  • Pasan Abeywickrama

    Hi there,
    How i can stop responsiveness of this theme?

  • Scott Beaudry

    Well done.

  • cici

    plz how can i show the icon beside evry page title or mayby its thumbnail ??

  • Bright Verge

    Nice list of WP themes but the most surprising thing here is that all these themes are free to use for private and commercial websites. Juno Theme is not here but I am using on my site Bright Verge…This simple elegant and
    especially have top image slider which appeal visitors…!!!!!!

  • Andres Gutierrez Luna

    Well, Thanh Luu is alive? Seems he forgot his theme… :-(

  • Julie Vitkovskaya


    Right now the navigation shows up on top. How do I move it to the side?

  • Lennard

    Hi, great theme :) But I have one question: How is it possible to change the font size of a site-title?
    Thanks for your answer!

  • Nguyên Khang

    Chào Thanh Luu,
    Cảm ơn bạn nhiều vì đã chia sẻ giao diện này, thật vui khi sử dụng giao diện do người VIệt thiết kế. :)

    • Nguyên Khang

      Cho mình hỏi mình có thể gửi tiền bằng card điện thoại để mua bản premium được không? Bởi vì mình không có tài khoản paypal..

  • MGS

    Awesome work, Thanh, installed your theme on my blog today and loving it so far. The only question I have is – is there a way to display only summaries of my blog posts on the homepage, rather than full articles? I.e. I’m after a standard brief summary, and “Read more” button/link format. Is it supported?

  • nullbyte

    Whate are the shortcodes for the success, info contextual backgrounds ?

  • WHW

    Wonderful blog & good post. It is really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging!

    White Hat World | White Hat Worlds | Search Engine Optimization | White Hat SEO :llllll:

  • dreamscribe

    Hi there,

    I’ve downloaded your theme and am trying to make some changes to build my website but I can’t find the necessary stylesheet css file anywhere. I need to change the fonts to ones that aren’t listed in the small list provided as well as font colours, hovers and various button colours. Please let me know where I can find this template or I will be forced to use an alternative theme…

    Thanks in advance.

  • Ronald

    Thanks for this great theme. I think I found a bug you might want to fix: in author-bio.php i replaced the following line:

    by this one:

    If you apply the the_content-filter, any plugins that should be displayed under the article’s content will be displayed under the author-description again. This happened to me with a social-media-share-buttons-plugin, and looking at the new default theme (twentyfifteen), I saw that it doesn’t apply the filter there.

    Other than that: great work! Thank you!

    • Ronald

      Argh! Disqus ate my code!

      I replaced
      echo apply_filters( ‘the_content’, get_the_author_meta( ‘description’ ) );
      the_author_meta( ‘description’ );

  • LadyPingu

    Hey there! I’m having a problem with links in your theme! I try to put them with the link code a href etc and with the link button on entries but idk why but the links don’t work and dissapear! :/ Would you mind to help me? Between, nice theme I love it!

  • DangerousGround

    Hello everybody, I’ve started using this theme for my blog, and I really love it. I have two problems though:
    1. I can’t understand why in the homepage all the posts has no “continue reading” link…..How can I change that?
    2. In the posts I can’t put the image in the center of the space, it is always aligned on the left

    Thanks for the help
    My blog is

  • DangerousGround

    hey the site published by alpha gamma archi leads to something from isis …remove it !!

  • Theme user

    I love the theme – good stuff. I have two questions. How do I add a header? And second, when I go to customize the Site Title, it shows across the top but when I look at the site it is only on the top of the left hand menu. How can I make it go across the top of the page?


  • Michał Lamparczyk

    Great theme!
    I would appreciate though, if the sidebar would stay still while main area is scrolled down. Is there any easy way to do that?